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Europe and its racial and religious problems

In 2005, I spent a summer working on an archaeological dig in Tuscany near Siena – perhaps one of the best summers of my life…the food, the weather, the cigarettes, OK definitely not the cigarettes. I went to the Palio … Continue reading

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“Dash me”

In Ghana, as in many countries (dev. and, bribes are common. Here, they are called “dashes.” It’s a verb and noun. “I think you need to dash me,” is often how it goes. Recently, Julia and I have been … Continue reading

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Nigeria’s agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill

We’ve been working away on setting up meetings to answer some important questions regarding our bed net study. I’ve settled into a 9-5 type regimen where I join the TamTam team at the USAID|Deliver office (they’ve been very kind to … Continue reading

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