Shopping at Makola

I’m a big fan of Makola Market. At first experience it was frankly insane. It’s a giant, sprawling, packed market that spans many blocks. I’ve come to like it though. I have no idea where anything is, where I am at any moment, or what the heck is going on. I just sort of wander around, asking people where to find things, being passed on from person to person, shaking hands, smiling, avoiding knocking anything (or anyone) over. It feels like I’m a human pinball – just bouncing around. But it’s so awesome. Everything is somewhere there, you just have to find it. It’s the ultimate scavenger hunting ground.

Yesterday, Julia and I went with the aim of buying some fabric for her to make dresses/us to make some pillow cases for our place. I picked up two awesome items of my own:

1) I’ve seen this bag around Accra. It’s a Mickey and Minnie bag. So random, I know. Take some time and read the captions. My favorite is “593 Exciting Prizes.” Why 593!? I have no idea. I plan on framing this like a painting and putting it on our wall.

593 prizes!

2) A little radio. 5 cedis. Best purchase I’ve made in Ghana. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. I plan on carrying a radio with me to every country I visit from now on. Besides my favorite station, BBC World Service, I’ve been listening to a random French station (probably from Lome), and a number of Accra stations. The Ghana stations are half english – half twi and I can only understand about 25% of what I hear, but it’s a great way to experience Ghana. The jokes, the ways of showing excitement, not to mention the news and topical stories, combine to give a good picture of what is important to Ghanaian society.

La radio

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