Ahhhhh French champagne

The peanuts are good in Ghana. They are a little smaller and more crunchy than in the US. They are also really cheap. There’s a brand here called Becky Queen that’s pretty tasty. We picked up a large container of Becky Queen peanuts at an ex-pat supermarket last week. When we got home I realized that, while there was a Becky Queen label plastered on to the bottle, there was a Paul Masson wine cap taped on to the top. I paused. The strange bottle that I took to be interesting Ghanaian marketing in the store looked remarkably like a wine caraffe. Yup, we were eating peanuts out of an old Paul Masson wine bottle. I wonder where the bottle came from and how it got to a Ghana supermarket. Come to think of it, I wonder where the peanuts came from too!

Paul Masson peanut line, anyone?

Of course, as always happens upon any contact with “Paul Masson,” I immediately thought of the incredible Orson Welles Paul Masson outtakes.

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